Slowly but surely Free Mobile 4G roaming is spreading in Europe

Free Mobile roaming is less and less limited to 3G. In addition to Belgium and Italy, the operator's subscribers can now enjoy 4G roaming in Switzerland and Portugal

Free Mobile offers packages at very aggressive rates . But on top of that, the operator offers roaming at no additional cost in a large number of countries.

In other words, when traveling abroad, roaming charges are not a problem. The only problem is that the network proposed by the troublemaker outside the French borders is limited to 3G.

Things are changing, slowly, but surely. As Freebox Universe reports, Free Mobile subscribers can already benefit from a 4G network in Belgium and Italy, but even more recently, and Switzerland and Portugal.


This is what can be seen on the Mobile World Live site, which lists hundreds of operators around the world and indicates which agreements they have signed on 4G and with whom. We can then see that LTE technology is easily accessible in the 38 European countries included in the 25 GB data roaming envelope of the Free Mobile 100 GB package. Previously, customers only had access to 3G with their subscription.

For example, if you go to Belgium, you will have the opportunity to hook up the Orange Belgium and basic 4G network. In Spain, only Orange is available for LTE. In Switzerland, a partnership has been forged with three operators: Salt (a subsidiary of Iliad), Sunrise and Swisscom. Strangely, things are still falling into place with Iliad Italia on the other side of the Alps.

The rest of the world is not left out either. The activation of 4G is done more timidly, but little by little the situation is changing. We also reported that 4G is available for roaming in the United States with Free Mobile in certain regions. Recently, Algeria is also one of the destinations covered.


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