Iliad users having issues with roaming services?

Some users reports external roaming problems with Iliad, which does not work and does not connect to the Internet.

Two weeks have passed since the debut of the Iliad on the Italian market and he definitely forced the competitors to introduce new and more advantageous offers.


On the other hand, the ‘revolution’ continues to suffer from slowdowns and problems.


What did French operator bring except absolute cheapest offer on Italian market?

Iliad wanted to revolutionize the Italian mobile market and there are many Iliad users which are very happy and satisfied with this new operator: the internet works well, fast, the reception is good and the monthly cost for the offer is unimaginable.

Now come “but” ….. some Iliad users are having trouble making calls and browsing in roaming. So –Iliad roaming !

Apparently the users who encountered these problems were in Malta, Spain, Belgium, Austria, France (operator home country) and Germany.

No other European countries are currently reported on this issue, yet.

The problem is that some users abroad can not call and surf the Internet with Iliad service.

Operator is aware of the problem and has responded to the comments of users on social by inviting them to speak privately.

The problems, however, have not been resolved yet. Different solutions were proposed to users, but they have not been effective in any case for now.

Besides problems with roaming, Iliad didn’t have any shortage in these first 2 weeks in Italy and, without any unforeseen events, it must be said that the new operator has had all the time to prepare for the best in the last few months (there were continuous delays for launching in Italy), but apparently this was not enough to avoid user misunderstandings and problems.

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