When Your Company Did a Proper Telecom Audit Last Time?

85% of all telecom invoices have billing errors in them. Yours too.

A successful communication strategy begins with the effective use of current communication channels.

All too often, organizations aren’t reviewing telecom invoices. Some companies try to do more than the bare minimum, putting more time and effort into managing telecom expenses which is costly as well. Telecom Expense Management is necessary for all companies no matter how big they are.

Small businesses may be spending disproportionately more for telecom services than larger businesses, according to a US study. Also, some industries spend more than others on telecom services, the study showed. The finance and insurance industry spent the most.

For companies who do attempt to manage telecom expenses in-house, they often lay the responsibility on the already overworked IT department.


Today’s telecommunications are characterized by reduced transparency and lack of communication costs control  which is caused by a large number of invoices, the complexity of the contracts, a large number of devices many of whom are displaced and as many errors in the issued invoices (80% of bills  have errors, but only 15% of companies do proper  checking’s).


Most common errors in telecom audit:

Erroneous roaming billing

In the event that you travel frequently to other countries where there is no Roaming like at home rule. In this case, you should check on your bill that no additional charges. And if there is any extra cost, see if it belongs to the line with which you have contracted the bonus. Also you can check for possible add ons or other solutions (Alert).


Incorrect Rates/Contract Renewals

It is rather often that some companies reach special agreements with their telecom operators. Billing programs may not process this information correctly and issue a charge on the invoice that should not appear. In this case, it is convenient to locate the error on the invoice and claim it from the company requesting its return.

Premium services and subscriptions

At the time of contracting a line, there are some premium services or special subscriptions such as Pay per View content, or operator information SMS, which are activated in our default rate.

Excess calls

It is possible that your company has contracted a plan or rate with a bag of minutes or data assigned . A failure in billing, would be paying minutes of calls or consumption of data that are contemplated within these rates. To avoid this, it is advisable to add all the minutes and data that have been consumed throughout the month and check that they do not actually exceed the limit contracted in our rate.

Special rates

Calls to special lines such as 902, 800 or 807 or 060 bring additional surcharges that could be avoided with the restriction of these calls. This type of extra charge on your bill will only be claimed if the restriction to these lines has been previously requested.

Wondering if you are missing these errors?


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