Choice is: to pay more or to outsource control over telecom expenses

Outsourcing means that a business hires someone outside the organization, or a whole other organization, to help them for a specific job, task or project.

In Telecom Expense Management, your outsourcing partner will analyze invoices, flag potential savings, find unused services or assets, update your inventory, take care of all MACD requests and tasks, dispute billing errors, create and send the reports you need, and optimize your entire telecom, mobility or technology environment.

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No matter your size, outsourcing is a great way for you to make sure your telecom, mobility and technology environment stays well structured, accurate and optimized. Outsourcing also lets you focus on your core business.

Outsourcing benefits for your organization:

  • Specialized Management: by outsourcing your TEM, you put all related tasks into the hands of experts that only manage telecom, mobility or technology assets and services for a living.
  • Time saver: you’ll reduce your team’s workload and therefore free up some time for them to re-allocate to other, more pressing or important projects, that are related to growing the company and not simply maintaining it.
  • Money saver: outsourcing truly becomes an investment when you consider all the potential savings that can come from it. Your TEM partner will find saving opportunities through billing errors, billing discrepancies, service and asset re-allocation, more accurate contracts, etc.


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