North America telecoms market

Growth in mobile data services revenue will be the main driver of telecoms revenue growth between 2019 and 2024.  North America telecoms market

Revenue will continue to grow in North America at a CAGR of 0.1% between 2017 and 2023 despite competitive pressure on mobile prices in the USA.

The total telecoms revenue in North America will increase from USD474 billion in 2017 to USD477 billion in 2023, driven mostly by an increase in fixed segment revenue in both countries, as well as mobile handset data revenue growth and a rapid increase in revenue in the IoT segment.

G/5G share of connections will reach 100% in both countries before 2023 and service demand will increase penetration, while competition in the USA will put further pressure on ARPU in the region in mobile telecom market and limited competition is leading to the growth of broadband prices in the region in fixed telecom market. North America telecoms market

Business services: the region’s enterprise business revenue growth will be driven by revenue from non-operators that provide other business services.


North America telecoms market



  •  fixed broadband will contribute most to the total telecoms revenue increase, supported by the strong take-up of IoT SIMs
  • the number of FTTP/B connections will increase quickly, but cable modems will remain the key broadband access technology
  • an increasing mobile user base and fixed broadband service upgrades will lead to a revenue increase during the forecast period


  • mobile revenue growth will be driven by limited competition and increasing data usage
  • the mobile user base will be almost entirely 4G/5G by 2023 Canada
  • the three main MNOs will maintain their strong market position and
  • the mobile segment will drive the total market revenue growth


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