LMT to introduce eSIMs in Latvia

Latvian mobile operator LMT plans to introduce eSIMs in June

eSIM will make smartwatches more convenient, exclude the use of physical SIM cards in phones and tablet PCs, as well as expand opportunities for mobile networks, LMT representatives say. «eSIM is the future of mobile devices because it provides convenient use and wider service functionality for clients, more efficient services and varied internet solutions for service providers,» says Ingmārs Pūķis, LMT Vice-President. latvia eSIM

Currently, the most demanded devices that use eSIM are smart watches, says LMT, adding that this offers a way to use watches in the mobile network without connecting a phone. eSIM is technically accessible for multiple smartphone models, tablet PCs and portable computers.

«Following the adoption of folding screens, manufacturers will gradually lean towards devices using integrated eSIM and even stop using physical SIM cards altogether in the future. In the future, the spread of the use of eSIM could be influenced more by internet devices. Among the most perspective uses are different sensors and cars in which eSIM allows connecting it to the internet and access information about road traffic intensity and unsafe areas,» explains the company.

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eSIM tests are performed by LMT together with Telia Company. eSIM is used to replace traditional SIM cards. Basically it serves as a virtual SIM card. It offers an option to use the device without a SIM card, add several numbers to a single mobile device, change numbers or communication service providers without changing a physical SIM card, save space and reduce energy consumption, the company explains.latvia eSIM

«In the next several years, eSIM will become a standard for most smart assistants. eSIM will be a pre-condition for the development of new internet solutions. eSIM offers the same high-security level as a physical SIM card, as well as convenient management of devices and services,» notes LMT.



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