LMT brings out eSim for prepaid users

Latvian operator LMT has introduced an opportunity to use eSIMs to its prepaid customers. eSIM could be purchased online having an additional device for scanning a QR-code while it cannot be done from the same smartphone on which the eSIM is planned to be activated. lmt esim prepaid

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“LMT goes further in the development of prepaid services and becomes the first in Latvia to offer prepaid LMT Kartes eSIM. Currently, eSIM is still an innovative technology, but sooner or later it will fully enter the world of technology and become SIM card no. 1. Its use is much more convenient than using a physical SIM card – the eSIM does not need to be transported, stored, or performed any manual operations, for example, sticking it on plastic, because all the information is available in the form of a digital file. Thus, eSIM also solves sustainability challenges, once again clearly proving that innovative technologies provide wide advantages in various areas of life,” says LMT president Juris Binde .

The LMT Karte eSIM is especially useful if you need an additional phone number temporarily, for example, to register for a service or to buy something on the Internet. Unlike a postpaid number, the purchase of an LMT Karte eSIM prepaid number does not require a contract, so the number can be easily closed by completing the necessary steps. This solution is also perfect for foreign tourists, especially from countries outside the European Union, as it allows travelers to save money by not using the services of their home operator.

LMT Karte eSIM lmt esim prepaid

It will be possible to purchase the LMT Karte eSIM anywhere and at any time where a computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection and a device for scanning the QR code are available – this cannot be done from the same smartphone to which the LMT Karte eSIM is planned to be added. All that needs to be done is to purchase one of the LMT Karte eSIM starter kits on the LMT website (it can only be purchased online), and the eSIM card will be sent to the specified e-mail address; it will have to be downloaded to the phone and activated by calling the number 29202010. Its owners will become LMT Karte customers with all its options and services – both voice and Internet Weekly and Monthly services and other additional services.

The eSIM card also eliminates the need to open the phone to replace or insert another SIM card, which tends to be quite complicated.

The LMT Karte eSIM connection will be available for both short-term and long-term use, and can be loaded into devices that support eSIM (full list available here: LMT | esim ). lmt esim prepaid

Informational videos for Samsung and iPhone users are also available on the LMT website, which shows the full cycle from the moment of purchase of the LMT Karte eSIM to its activation.


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