Vodafone Ukraine to sell numbers to customers living abroad

Ukrainians who are roaming can now purchase a new Ukrainian number and start using Vodafone Ukraine services

Vodafone Ukraine customers who have activated a package with a new number have access to all the usual activities: using the mobile Internet, voice and SMS, topping up the account, ordering services, etc. Use of the number is charged according to the conditions and cost of roaming services. 

Vodafone offers all its roaming customers a free connection of the “Affordable Roaming” service. The service includes 10 GB of Internet, 300 minutes: 250 outgoing minutes for calls to Vodafone Ukraine numbers, 50 minutes for calls to other Ukrainian operators in the country of residence, as well as for incoming calls. The package also includes 100 SMS in all directions. “Affordable roaming” can be connected for free – provided that the Ukrainian package of services is connected according to the tariff, and for contract subscribers – provided that the bill is paid. The connection can be made in the My Vodafone application or by dialing the combination *600*6# .

About eSIM technology vodafone ukraine number

eSIM allows you to abandon the use of a physical SIM card, replacing it with a virtual one. For this, manufacturers install a microchip in modern gadgets that allows you to download a digital SIM card by scanning a QR code. Thus, users get the opportunity to buy or change a SIM card remotely, without wasting time going to a store to get a physical card.

A virtual SIM card has a number of other advantages:

  • eSIM allows owners of mono-SIM devices to significantly expand the capabilities of their gadgets and use several profiles in one smartphone – up to 10 numbers (depends on the manufacturer’s settings);
  • eSIM can be used in devices without SIM card slots, for example, in tablets;
  • eSIM provides an additional level of security. It cannot be damaged, lost or removed from the smartphone, which is another barrier for fraudsters and an opportunity to find a missing smartphone or tablet.

Before using this option, it is worth checking whether the device supports eSIM technology. If not, get eSIM.me and almost every smartphone can use eSIM technology. vodafone ukraine number


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