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Tele2 Latvia reports 61% increase in eSIM user base this year

Data collected by the multi-service company Tele2 show that the number of eSIM users in phones increased by 61% during the year, and in smartwatches – by 22%. As Tele2 Latvia informs, although the number of eSIM users is growing, it is still relatively small in general, because not all devices have eSIM and it takes time for old devices to be gradually replaced with new ones that support this service. tele2 latvia esim

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Currently, the eSIM service is available to both “Tele2” prepaid customers and postpaid customers who use the “Zelta Zivtiņa” postpaid card.

eSIM offers convenience and flexibility tele2 latvia esim

If we look, for example, at eSIM services for prepaid card customers, a significant benefit is the ability to connect mobile services much faster and more conveniently, as well as the flexibility to change tariff plans according to personal needs. This service is also very suitable for tourists, who can purchase an eSIM before arriving in Latvia, and at the same time, you can use both a prepaid eSIM and, if necessary, your permanent connection on the phone,” says Raivo Rosts, commercial director of “Tele2 ” .

eSIM or virtual SIM card allows you to conveniently combine several numbers in one phone, and there is no need to go to the “Tele2” center or any other point of sale to buy a SIM card.

eSIM can save costs and reduce plastic waste

As Tele2 Latvia notes, the development of eSIM in the future will save significant costs related to the production and distribution of SIM cards.

“We issue several hundred thousand new SIM cards to postpaid and prepaid customers during the year. As the number of eSIM users increases, not only production and distribution costs would decrease, but also the amount of plastic used. “Tele2″ has already, for example, reduced the size of the plastic packaging of SIM cards, which allows to reduce the amount of plastic used by almost 40%,” notes R. Rost .

Overall, the growth in eSIM adoption in Latvia is a positive trend, as it offers a number of benefits for both consumers and businesses. eSIM is more convenient, flexible, and environmentally friendly than traditional SIM cards, and it is likely to continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.

Here are some indicative prepaid eSIM card prices: eSIM Activation

Europe (30 countries)
1 GB – no exp. –  €3.70
3 GB – no exp. – €10.77
10 GB – no exp. – €33.30



Europe (39 countries)
1 GB – 7 days – €4.53
3 GB – 30 days – €12.00
10 GB – 30 days – €33.40airalo



Europe (29 countries)
500 MB – 1 day – €2.00
3 GB – 30 days – €8.00
10 GB – 30 days – €19.00



Europe (36 countries)
1 GB – 7 days – €6.50
3 GB – 15 days – €11.00
10 GB – 30 days – €20.50



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