Verizon customers will be able to use 5G roaming in South Korea

Verizon is the first US wireless network to secure 5G global roaming service

Continuing its global 5G leadership, Verizon has become the first US operator to successfully complete 5G global roaming trials and have a commercially ready 5G global roaming service. Customers traveling from the US to South Korea with a compatible device can enjoy the benefits of 5G service internationally.

The successful trials for voice, data and text messaging were conducted on the live production 5G network in South Korea with a prototype device using dual frequencies. The 5G device, which can access 5G services in the US using mmWave spectrum, accessed 5G on 3.5 GHz spectrum in Korea. Average speeds recorded during the trial were 252 Mbps downlink and 119 Mbps uplink.

This is the first step in global 5G interoperability.

As 5G matures, the global implications are enormous,” said Kyle Malady, Chief Technology Officer for Verizon. “From global manufacturing and supply chain, to international AR/VR experiences, the globalization of 5G has huge implications across countless industries for consumers and enterprises. Imagine being able to get the best medical treatment from anywhere in the world through telemedicine, shop in the finest boutiques in Italy through augmented reality, play against the champions in online gaming anywhere in the world, or manage manufacturing operations across continents in real time remotely. Our team is leading the way to make those possibilities a reality and this is an important first step.”

More countries to come verizon roaming

South Korea is just the first of many countries with whom Verizon is forging global 5G roaming partnerships. Preparations for trials with other countries are underway.

“We are in the early phases of global roaming partnerships with other countries and will continue to look for strategic partnerships with international providers who, like Verizon, are leading the 5G evolution. This roaming service with South Korea will serve as a model as we engage with 5G providers in other countries to provide our customers who travel globally with more options,” said Malady.


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