Telenor Denmark opens up for VoLTE roaming

As one of the first operators in Europe, Telenor has opened its doors to customers not only roaming data on the 4G network, but now they can also talk over 4G (VoLTE) when they call home from Norway

Telenor was the first Danish operator to offer VoLTE and is now also the first operator in Europe, enabling customers to use the 4G network when they call home from abroad. Initially, technology is in place between Denmark and Norway, so Danish Telenor customers roam at 4G when they call home from Norway – and soon more country agreements and operators will gradually follow as development progresses. There are still telecom operators that have not yet implemented 4G on domestic languages, which is a prerequisite for the further spread of 4G speech roaming.

“We have an ambition to be a leader in developing new technologies. Therefore, I’m pleased that we have activated the first 4G voice roaming agreement so we can gain valuable experience in our spread of VoLTE roaming Operators around the world are likely to shut down 3G in a straightforward range of years, so it’s crucial that we have a good alternative, says Peter Ditlev Nødbak, Development Director at Telenor.

With 4G voice roaming, customers get the same quality and benefits as talking over 4G at home, which includes shorter call time and ability to retrieve data much faster during a call.


  • At present, selected Sony, Nokia and Samsung mobile phones support roaming on 4G speech – further propagation occurs as manufacturers send updated operator settings to customers so their mobile phones support the technology.
  • VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution, meaning speech over the 4G network. With VoLTE you get a call quality in HD. If both sender and receiver have phones that support VoLTE, the call will be in a far better quality and the call time will be shorter.
  • Telenor was the first Danish operator to offer VoLTE. The company completed the first VoLTE call back in 2014. Telenor was also the first to offer the combination of VoLTE and WiFi calls to Danish customers in 2016
  • At the same time, due to its size and global presence, Telenor has good negotiation opportunities for making roaming agreements and has just launched a new business product with free roaming in 78 countries for its corporate customers.
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