Telenor Denmark business roaming

Telenor Denmark business customers will now be able to roam freely in 78 countries

The ability to roam and access data across national borders is becoming increasingly important for Danish companies. Therefore, Telenor now launched Go Blue, which enables business customers with more than 50 employees to get free voice / SMS / MMS and use roaming data in 78 countries. Telenor Denmark business roaming

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Go Blue is part of a new business product from Telenor, developed in collaboration with 45 of the company’s customers.

Based on customer needs, we have sought to develop a new business product that reduces business administration, cuts up the number of long and incomprehensible invoices and gives the market the best roaming opportunity,” says Telenor, Lars Thomsen, Commercial Director.

Simple and transparent Telenor Denmark business roaming

45 business customers have participated in the development of the new BusinessAll business product, which consists of one subscription, one price and one invoice for the companies.

Business customers no longer have to decide on different subscriptions to different employees. Data is given in a pool that can be shared between employees and can be used across calendar months. Data usage is calculated every 12 months, which creates flexibility across employees and calendar months, enabling companies to take full advantage of their subscriptions and aggregated data packets. And in order to keep track of consumption, customers have access to a dashboard, where they can see updated figures for their daily consumption so that they constantly have an overview.

“For many years, we have invented individual solutions for business companies and created a variety of discount structures, but it has been found to make it difficult for both customers and us, and given a lot of administration. With BusinessAll, it becomes transparent what one gets and pays. reflecting the individual customer’s desire for data content, therefore, it is in practice a product that is uniquely adapted to the individual customer – they, therefore, buy what they need neither more nor less, “says Lars Thomsen.

Showcase with the traditional way of doing business

“You can say that BusinessAll is not just a new portfolio, but a showdown with the industry and the current way of doing business. Our customers have changed and needed more data, freedom, flexibility and predictability. By providing customers a single product, self-service, data sharing and roaming options in 78 countries, we are developing new ways and setting new standards for business solutions, “says Lars Thomsen, Commercial Director of Telenor.

Developed with customers

45 business customers have participated in the development of Telenor’s new business product, BusinessAll, which is a solution for companies with more than 50 employees seeking greater flexibility. Customer feedback was that their administrative burden was too heavy, their invoices were unpredictable and they wanted more roaming and did not want to relate to whether they called from abroad or abroad. The insights used Telenor to develop a new, simple and transparent business product.

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