T-Mobile Poland launches 5G network in Warsaw

Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile Poland is laying the foundation for commercial 5G in Poland. T-Mobile CEO Andreas Maierhofer inaugurated Poland’s first fully functional 5G network on 07 December. He was accompanied by Polish Digital Minister Marek Zagorski, Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hottges and Srini Gopalan, the Deutsche Telekom board member for Europe. t-mobile poland 5g


By launching the first functional 5G network in Poland, we are creating a future for the entire Polish society. 5G is not only the next generation of the network, even faster than the previous ones, but a completely new quality – technology opening new opportunities to the entire society and economy. The fifth generation network is remote surgical operations with precision exceeding our imagination and precise diagnostics in health care. It is modern agriculture, minimizing the use of chemicals and maximizing productivity as well as innovative industry 4.0, and consequently – a modern and competitive economy. – said Andreas Maierhofer, President of the Management Board of T-Mobile Polska –We know how the future of each of us will look with 5G and we want to share this vision with all those who decide to visit # 5G_LAB – he added .

Thanks to multimedia educational stations, using the latest solutions in the field of virtual and augmented reality, everyone willing will be able to see how technology will improve our lives. We will see, inter alia, a farm producing 5G healthy, natural food, an automated factory and an operating room in which the most difficult operations are performed by a surgeon controlled by a surgeon located at the other end of the continent. Each visitor will have the opportunity to lead an intelligent city and control smart city systems in virtual reality will have to deal with crisis situations. At the same time, we will see how 5G will support us, individual users in everyday life, anticipating our needs and helping us manage the home, or support us at work.

Visitors will also experience what the entertainment of the future will look like – in which by watching a sporting event we can find ourselves on the pitch between the players and watch each game from the best possible perspective. For technical information amateurs, positions presenting the most interesting technological solutions used in fifth generation networks and a simulation allowing you to feel directly how fast and reliable is the 5G network.

The aim of T-Mobile in creating # 5G_LAB was to bring everyone interested, regardless of their knowledge of technology or interest in telecommunications, the possibilities offered by 5G. That is why all the information provided during the visit to the lab is given in an accessible way, in the form of fun, so that everyone can learn about it, regardless of age or interest in technical novelties.

# 5G_LAB is located on Plac Defilad, on the side of Marszałkowska Street. It is open 7 days a week, from 7 to 31 December, from 10:00 to 20:00. Admission to the center is free.


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