SazkaMobil applies lower rates for intra-EU calls than competitors

As announced earlier, Czech MVNO SazkaMobil offers international calls to the EU for CZK 4.50 per minute, although the regulated rate in the Czech Republic has been capped at CZK 6 per minute since 15 May. More about SazkaMobil roaming below.


The MNOs mostly charge the rates at the level of the price cap, reports SazkaMobil charges lower rates for telephony, but SMS cost approximately the same (CZK 1.80) as the other operators charge. SazkaMobil roaming


The benefits of roaming in the EU SazkaMobil roaming

  • You call for prices as in the Czech Republic.
  • You draw minutes, SMS and data from packages as well as when calling, texting and surfing in the Czech Republic.
  • We don’t charge any hidden fees – you always know exactly how much you are paying.
  • You do not pay for incoming calls.
  • After the first half-minute called in the countries of the European Union, you pay by the second, ie only what you really call.

What is the difference between roaming and international calling?

Roaming is a call FROM ABROAD. Calls from European Union countries are at the same prices as when you call at home in the Czech Republic. If you have a discounted package, you can use the units (minutes, SMS, or MB of data) from it even when used in the European Union. Calls from countries outside the European Union have their prices, according to the respective Zones.
An international call is a call to a foreign country from the Czech Republic. Prices apply to him according to the individual Regions concerned. Calls to European Union countries are now up to CZK 2.50 per minute until 6 May 2019, with the My Country package even for CZK 2.10 per minute for selected countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria).


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