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The Benefits Of Satellite Telephones

A satellite telephone, commonly referred to as a satphone, is a type of mobile phone that allows users to connect directly to orbiting satellites rather than terrestrial cellular telephone sites in order to speak with one another. satellite phones

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The ability to allow users to stay in touch with one another in the event of an emergency is boosting demand for satellite phones across the world. Satellite phones can also be used in areas where the government has restricted access to the internet and calls. In addition, they can be used in areas affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

How do satellite phones work?

Where mobile phones can’t, satellite phones bravely go. Due to their basic infrastructure’s extraordinary quality, they allow you to make phone calls from practically any place. There is no need for a terrestrial cell phone network for satellite phones. Instead, they immediately beam data to and from orbiting satellites.

Satellite phones, also known as sat phones, are liberated from the constraints limiting their Earth-based counterparts by that technical advancement. They are therefore the go-to communication tools in regions with low or nonexistent mobile service, such as underdeveloped or sparsely populated nations, places with governmental restrictions on cell and Internet access, or regions where natural catastrophes devastate ground-based infrastructure.

Phones aren’t typically referred to as phones in satellite communications systems. Many people refer to them as terminals instead. They are the essential end-user equipment you need to connect to a satellite, regardless of their name.

Terminals include all the standard phone features, just like cell phones. They are bigger and bulkier than cell phones, but they don’t have the practically limitless features that your smartphone does. A satellite phone, on the other hand, is a bare-bones device that you’ll mostly use to make calls or send brief text messages. North America is the largest consumer of satellite telephones across the globe.

Expanding Global Mobile Satellite Phone Market

According to the report published by Research Dive, the global mobile satellite phone market is expected to generate a revenue of $5,262.1 million by 2027, growing rapidly at a CAGR of 4.0% during the forecast period (2020–2027).

The most important players in this market are Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium, TerreStar, and Thuraya.

If you purchase a satphone, expect to spend between $600 and $1700, depending on the network. All of the phones are lightweight and small and replicate the functionality of your cellular telephone.

Roadpost is a top satellite phone service provider, offering some of the cheapest satellite phone plans available on the Iridium and Inmarsat networks. The plans include 10-200 minutes of airtime each month, no contracts, free voicemail and call display, and free incoming calls and text messages.

Advantages and disadvantages of satellite phones:

Advantages of satellite phones:

  • No cell tower is required.
  • Excellent connectivity all over the world
  • Provides a more secure connection
  • Uniformity in the phone number
  • Great rental options
  • Highly useful in disaster response
  • Wide network coverage
  • No dropped calls
  • Much stronger signal than cell phones offer
  • Equipped with voice mail and an incoming phone number to indicate waiting for messages.
  • Uniform performance, irrespective of location
  • No installation or set-up required


Disadvantages of satellite phones:

  • Only work outside.
  • Must have a clear line of sight (LOS) to satellites in the sky
  • Low data bandwidth for internet access, etc
  • Severe weather may interrupt service
  • Usually bigger in size than traditional cell phones
  • The high cost of the phone, as well as the call cost
  • Per-minute charges are often higher than cell phones
  • Large antenna size.
  • Local government regulation may also prevent one from using satellite phones without prior permission
  • Delay in voice communication conversions, particularly when using networks based on geosynchronous orbits

In the past, the best satellite phones were extremely expensive. But these days, they’re surprisingly inexpensive. They become an essential lifeline for anyone going to a remote region because of this. You will be able to stay safe and stay in touch with loved ones no matter if you are trekking, scaling a mountain, or simply traveling to a place with spotty phone service.

The best part is that buying and using them is just like using a regular phone. The greatest satellite phones can be bought from internet merchants, and the calls can be paid for with monthly plans or pre-paid cards. For the latter, simply search Amazon for a prepaid card with a SIM for your satellite network and location, or purchase one as part of a package.

And when you’re calling, don’t forget the international dialing code.

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