Vodafone Germany increases daily data in ReisePaket World tariffs to 500 MB permanently

Vodafone Germany has increased the amount of data offered daily in the ReisePaket World Tag and Woche tariffs permanently. Customers now receive 500 MB instead of 100 MB per day with the tariff, in addition to 50 minutes for calls and 50 SMS.



Price for Vodafone Germany roaming options: World Day Travel Package is €7.99 and for Travel Package World Week is €29.99.

Available for the tariffs:
Vodafone Red, Red +, Red Family, Vodafone Black, Vodafone Young, Vodafone Smart, Basic 50/100, SuperFlat tariffs, SuperFlat Internet tariffs

Valid in the following countries: 
Russia, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, South Africa, South Korea, Surinam, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turks & Caicos Islands, Ukraine, Uruguay, Society. Arab. Emirates, Belarus

Travel Package World Week can be booked via the MeinVodafone app, the hotline or by SMS. For free SMS booking, send a message with “Paket7” to 70127.


Germany surfed more on New Year’s Eve than ever before, Vodafone reports

The customers of the Düsseldorf-based telecommunications provider ensured unprecedented levels of calls and mobile data use with their smartphones on New Year’s Eve. Especially when surfing, the Germans could not be stopped at the start of 2020. Greetings from the New Year’s Eve party and  New Year’s wishes were sent digitally even more frequently than in previous years. For this purpose, Vodafone customers used WhatsApp,  Instagram and Co. more than ever before on New Year’s Eve between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. Compared to the previous year, the data volume consumed in these seven hours rose by more than 40 percent to 880 million megabytes.

Germany’s largest New Year’s Eve party made mobile networks glow in Berlin
The largest data fireworks were in the capital Berlin. Here alone, 45 million megabytes of data rushed through the Vodafone mobile network in the seven hours. That is the lonely peak. One of the drivers for this was Germany’s largest New Year’s Eve party. Hundreds of thousands celebrated the start of the new year around the Brandenburg Gate and made the mobile phone networks glow. In order to transmit the enormous amounts of data here quickly and smoothly, Vodafone has also increased the mobile radio capacities around the Straße des 17. Juni. Thanks to small antennas, there is a fast network at intervals of 200 meters directly from the classic Berlin street lamps along the party mile. In Hamburg (21 million megabytes), Munich (19 million megabytes), Cologne (14 million megabytes), Düsseldorf (10 million megabytes), Stuttgart (9 million

Streaming and social media also very popular at Christmas
Vodafone customers also surfed more at Christmas than in previous years. On the contemplative days, series and films were streamed and the numerous social media channels maintained. On Christmas Eve and on the two Christmas holidays, more than 2.4 billion megabytes of data rushed through the mobile network in Germany. For comparison: On a conventional working day, this value averages 2.2 billion megabytes.

Decline: fewer SMS than in previous years
SMS is used less often for New Year’s greetings than before: Vodafone customers still sent well over 2 million short messages on New Year’s Eve. That is a little less text messages than last year. The reason for this: More and more Germans are not only sending text messages at the start of the new year, but are also sharing their party experiences directly by photo or video. Messenger services like WhatsApp and Co. or social networks like Facebook and Instagram are used for this. Compared to a conventional day, the number of SMS sent is still twice as high.

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