Three UK launch 4G roaming

While Three is the smallest of the UK’s ‘big four,’ it’s one of the best when it comes to roaming - at least in a number of carefully selected areas

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Many customers on Three have been asking when they will get access to Three UK 4G roaming that other networks have offered for a while now. The latest news about Three UK 4G roaming finds out below.

Three have won a large number of awards over the years, with recent examples including the “Best Network for Roaming” at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2019, “Most Popular Mobile Network” and “Best Network for Roaming” at the 2018 uSwitch Mobile Awards, and the “Best Network for Data” award at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017, an award it also won at the 2017 uSwitch Mobile Awards.

Other awards include but are not limited to “Best Pay Monthly Network” and “Best Network for Roaming” at the 2017 uSwitch Mobile Awards, and “Best Network for Roaming” at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017.

Three UK 4G roaming is coming?

Whilst everyone has been looking out for a big announcement, it looks like the network has quietly switched it on at a few select locations, as they Twitter feed said.

Any Three UK customers roaming in Sweden, Austria, Denmark or the Republic of Ireland will now enjoy faster roaming.

Unlike the other UK networks, Three doesn’t offer 2G, but instead only offers 3G, 4G and 5G services with 3G coverage reaching 98.7% of the population, 4G coverage available to 99.8% of the population and 5G available in 66 locations across the UK. That puts Three roughly in line with rivals and the network is investing heavily in its infrastructure.

Use Three’s coverage checker above to find out more about Three coverage in your area, including signal strengths and details on both indoor and outdoor coverage.

Hopefully, we will hear more UK locations added shortly.


Three Coverage
Network Type Coverage by population
5G Now available in 66 locations
4G 99.8%
3G 98.7%
2G N/A

Three offers market-leading pricing to being the best network for data (uSwitch mobile awards 2017). Operator currently carry 45% of the UK’s mobile internet traffic.

Three began a limited rollout of 4G LTE services in December 2013 in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading expanding to over a further 450 locations by the end of 2014.

Until 2009, Three subscribers in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong and Australia could use their service on Three networks around the world for no extra charge with “3 Like Home”.The service was relaunched on 30 August 2013 as “Feel At Home” for UK customers visiting Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy and Sweden where calls, texts and data can be consumed without roaming charges; meaning they cost the same as for communication within the UK. Since then, additional countries have been added to “Feel At Home” including: Finland, France, Indonesia, Israel, Macau, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and the USA.

The service was expanded to a further 24 European countries in September 2016. Three changed the name of its roaming proposition from “Feel at Home” to “Go Roam” and the service is now available in 71 destinations worldwide including Brazil, Costa Rica and Vietnam. “Go Roam” does not include calling from the UK to these or other countries. Fees can reach 46p per minute for calling most European countries from the UK.

Three has widespread 4G coverage and has now rolled out 5G in over 60 locations – with a network that could have some advantages over rivals.

If you are travelling abroad and need sim cards choose between daily, monthly or data packages without expiration or if prefer instant connectivity, get  eSIM.

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