Telia Lithuania launches new bot for serving prepaid customers

Telia Lithuania has introduced its new bot Robo Arturas for serving customers using its prepaid network Ezys. The bot is able to answer numerous questions related to top-ups, roaming services and other issues. Telia Lithuania prepaid

Like Aita, Robo Arthur will interact with people every day, including weekends and holidays. By the way, although today is his first official working day, the robot was installed on the “Ežio” website before the weekend, so he had already trained for a few days.

If the robots had kinship ties, Aita and Robo Arthur would probably be a sister and a brother, as they were created using the same mechanism. However, their characters are significantly different. Unlike the diplomatic and educated Aita, Robo Arthur is ready to both nurture and ridicule. We won’t reveal all of his gems, but if you ask where the money went, the robot will start the answer with philosophical sarcasm: “You know, I often ask myself this too, but there is no answer.”

Continuing to work on the Telia website, Aita is currently able to advise on more than a hundred topics and questions. However, this does not mean that Aita has already reached perfection and will be forgotten – on the contrary, it is going to be further improved. In the near future, Aita will be integrated into Telia’s internal systems to answer personalized questions from people, such as about available services and bills. This is especially important for the company, as the largest peaks of requests are recorded at the turn of the month, when customers reach the accounts.

“Aita has already taken over most of the requests that can be answered without human intervention. By further expanding the robot’s capabilities, we expect to transfer more than half of all online chats to its shoulders. However, now each additional percentage of Aita’s answered queries requires more and more hard work, more complex solutions for the use of artificial intelligence, ”N. Šeputis notes.

Of course, and now Aita pays far more than directing people to the right page or providing information about services. One of Aita’s strengths is troubleshooting. Every week, she resolves hundreds of people’s inquiries about a broken Internet, asking if a router is working, what color one or another light is on, and providing solutions for specific cases.

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