Telenor leader in VoLTE roaming

Telenor Denmark completed the first VoLTE calls back in 2014. Telenor was also the first to offer the combination of VoLTE and WiFi calls to Danish customers in 2016.

Telenor has called on other operators to come together to establish VoLTE roaming, as the sector starts to shut down 2G and 3G networks. Yet, there are still telecom operators who have not yet implemented 4G at domestic languages, which is a prerequisite for the further expansion of roaming on 4G speech. telenor volte roaming
VoLTE roaming refers to the ability for a mobile device to use Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology to make and receive calls while roaming on a network outside of its home network. This allows for high-quality voice calls to be made even when roaming, as long as the visited network also supports VoLTE.
Telenor is the first operator in Europe that allows customers to use the 4G network when they call home from abroad. Initially, the technology is in place between Denmark and Norway, so that Danish Telenor customers roam at 4G when they call home from Norway – and soon more country agreements and operators will gradually follow in line with developments.

VoLTE roaming implementation

The industry’s VoLTE roaming implementation pace has been very slow so far and it is time to act, the company.

“We have the ambition to be a leader when developing new technology. That’s why I’m happy to have enabled the first 4G voice roaming country agreement to reap important lessons for our deployment of VoLTE roaming “Operators around the world are expected to shut down 3G within the foreseeable future, so it is crucial that we have a good alternative ready,” says Peter Ditlev Nødbak, development director at Telenor.

With roaming on 4G speech, customers get the same quality and benefits as when talking over 4G at home, which is, among other things, shorter call time, and the ability to retrieve data much faster during a call.

Currently, selected Sony, Nokia and Samsung mobile phones support roaming on 4G speech – further deployment occurs as manufacturers send updated operator settings to customers, so their mobile phones support the technology.

The industry’s VoLTE roaming implementation pace has been very slow so far and it is time to act, the company said. telenor volte roaming


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