Telenor Denmark starts Mobil 15 subscription with 10 GB available for roaming in 39 countries

Telenor Denmark said it has brought out a new mobile subscription called Mobil 15 – offering fifteen hours of talk time and 15 GB of internet allowance, with 10 GB available for roaming in 39 foreign countries. Mobil 15

Last week we launched our new high-speed broadband called MaxSpeed. Now we can unveil a brand new mobile subscription that will make Telenor relevant to even more Danes, says Tor-Arne Fosser, marketing director at Telenor’s private business.


Telenor Mobil 15

The price of Telenor Mobil 15 is DKK 139 per month. But in a campaign period, customers can get the first three months for DKK 99. The subscription complements Telenor’s discount program Telenor Step, where customers with multiple subscriptions can receive up to 20% collector’s discount each month, enabling you to get a sharp price when you only need one subscription.

We are well in the process of making ourselves relevant to more Danes. Mobil 15 is for those customers who already have a mobile and only need a new subscription with a lot of data, voice and a large roaming package for a small price, says Tor-Arne Fosser. 

The subscription allows unlimited SMS and MMS.

Telenor is Denmark’s second-largest telecommunications company and part of the Telenor Group, which operates throughout Scandinavia and Asia.


Besides Mobil 15, Telenor Denmark offers several roaming plans for customers who want to use their mobile phones while traveling abroad.

Here are some examples of Telenor Denmark’s roaming offers:

  1. Roam Like Home: Telenor Denmark’s Roam Like Home plan allows customers to use their mobile phones in other EU/EEA countries as if they were in Denmark. This means that customers can use their domestic data, calls, and SMS allowances while roaming without incurring additional charges.
  2. Travel Passes: Telenor Denmark offers travel passes for customers who want to use their phones while traveling outside the EU/EEA. These passes provide customers with a set amount of data, calls, and SMS messages that can be used while roaming in specific countries or regions.
  3. Pay As You Go Roaming: Telenor Denmark also offers a pay-as-you-go roaming option for customers who want to use their phones while traveling outside the EU/EEA. With this option, customers are charged a per-minute, per-text, and per-MB rate for their usage.

It’s important to note that the specific details of Telenor Denmark’s roaming plans can vary depending on the customer’s plan, the country they are in, and other factors. Customers should check with Telenor Denmark to see what specific roaming options are available to them and to find out more about the terms and conditions of these plans.

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