Tcell launches roaming promo in Saudi Arabia

Tcell traditionally supports pilgrims going to Sacred Hajj for 7 years, starting from 2012.

Tajikistan mobile operator Tcell has introduced to its customers a promotion of its roaming services in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj season, on the network of mobile operator Etihad Etisalat. tcell saudi arabia

Tcell provides pilgrims with the opportunity not to spend huge sums in roaming, making expensive long distance calls! This year, Tcell lowered roaming prices even more!

For Tcell, the support of fellow citizens traveling on such an important journey is an important social function. After all, the Holy Hajj is very important and significant for pilgrims, it inspires and strengthens faith in their hearts, educates and teaches beneficence. This is a series of sacred rituals, which symbolize the faith, unity and equality of pilgrims.

On such a trip, as never before, communication with the house is necessary – with relatives, friends and friends in the Motherland.

All that is required for a profitable and reliable connection with the house during the trip is to take the Tcell home sim card with you and connect to the local mobile operator Ettihad Etisalat (MOBILY) in Saudi Arabia. If the phone does not automatically connect to the MOBILY network, you can easily select a network manually in the phone settings.

It is very easy to connect roaming from Tcell: you need to dial * 607 * 1 # before leaving the country.

The promotion will last from August 1 to September 30, 2018.

All incoming calls – 2 som / min
Outgoing calls to Tajikistan +992 [operator code] [subscriber number] – 4 som / min
Outgoing calls to other international destinations – 10 som / min
SMS – 0.50 som
Internet – 0.50 som / Mb

In roaming, the “Call Home” service also works, which allows making outgoing calls at significantly reduced prices.

“Call home” service * 135 * 992 [Tcell subscriber’s number] # – 2 som / min.  tcell saudi arabia

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