Free Internet in Roaming for Premium Visa Card Owners

MegaFon and Visa launched a campaign for subscribers - owners of premium Visa cards

MegaFon subscribers who own Visa Platinum, Visa Signature or Visa Infinite cards will be able to use the mobile Internet in international roaming for free and unlimited. megafon visa

How to participate in the MegaFon promotion:

  1. Set up Auto payment from Visa Platinum card, Visa Signature or Visa Infinite. If you have already configured “AutoPay” from another card, you need to change it to one of the listed.
  2. Wait for the SMS and follow the instructions to confirm participation in the promotion and connect the option “Online World Internet 7, 14 or 28 days free of charge”.
  3. Done! Now you are free and unlimited Internet in roaming.

The number of days during which you can use the Internet depends on the type of card:

  • 7 days for Visa Platinum cards;
  • 14 days for Visa Signature cards;
  • 28 days for Visa Infinite cards.

Days are available for 9 months from the activation date and are only spent in roaming since the first Internet connection. For more information on how the days are spent, you can look at the  Megafon offer .

The offer is available only to Megafon individuals users.


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