T-Mobile to launch smart parking NB-IoT system in Amsterdam

Thanks to sensors in the asphalt or paving stones app users can see on the smartphone where a parking space is free. The data from the sensors is transferred to the data platform of SPOT, a joint venture of construction company Dura Vermeer, data specialist T-Systems, technology company Nedap and T-Mobile

T-Mobile Netherlands announced plans to bring its smart parking services to Amsterdam this month. Ground sensors connected to the NB-IoT mobile network will help drivers locate available parking spaces using a smartphone app.

There is also collaboration with existing parking payment apps, such as Parkmobile and Yellowbrick. The app navigates the driver to a free parking space and only pays for the time that he / she actually uses the parking space.

Smart parking offers several advantages
In Hamburg, T-Mobile Germany is doing a big trial with smart parking. A study by T-Mobile among German drivers shows that people especially like to know in advance whether they can park. That predictability is seen by consumers as the greatest added value.

Other big advantages are, according to the participating parties, less CO2 emissions because drivers need less time to search for a parking space and better road safety.

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