Switzerland ranks first for 5G reception globally

According to the map, Switzerland ranks first in the list of countries with 5G reception globally, followed by the US with 21, South Korea with eighteen and Australia with eleven places

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Switzerland has rolled out hundreds of 5G antennas in the country, making it one of the world’s 5G pioneers. All three major Swiss telecom operators – Salt, Sunrise, and Swisscom – are approved to cover the country in 5G, and all have Huawei equipment in their fixed and mobile networks. 5g in switzerland

There is active 5G reception at 227 sites in Switzerland, with a concentration in the areas surrounding the cities of Zurich, Bern and Lausanne, according to the global map of 5G networks by Ookla, the owner of the Speedtest site.

Across the ocean, 21 cities in the United States have 5G availability. All but two of these rollouts are being launched by AT&T with limited availability. Verizon launched its 5G network with commercial availability in two Midwest cities: Chicago and Minneapolis.

In South Korea, there are 16 cities with limited availability and two with commercial availability for 18 total 5G rollouts. The country’s capital city of Seoul benefits from 5G accessibility served by all three major operators: SK Telecom, LG Uplus, and KT Telecom.
Telstra and Optus in Australia operate limited availability 5G networks in 10 cities, many of these in the more populated coastal regions.
Ookla also tracking 5G rollouts in a number of European countries (Estonia, Finland, Spain and Italy) as well as in Qatar, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. 5g in switzerland

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