Quickline starts to offer roaming packages for 1 year

Swiss operator Quickline said it is offering customers data roaming packages valid for one year instead of one month. If the data allowances included in Quickline’s mobile subscriptions are used up, additional data can be bought in the roaming cockpit. quickline roaming

These are now valid for one year instead of the previous month. The offer for carefree surfing in terms of package size and price remains the same. For Europe, for example, the smallest data package is still 200 MB and costs CHF 7. The largest data package with 2 GB in the same tariff zone is still available for CHF 25.


Better cost control thanks to roaming cost limits

In order to better protect customers from unintentionally or unconsciously high costs for telephone calls and text messages abroad, there is now a monthly cost limit for calls and SMS while roaming on all Quickline Mobile subscriptions. The standard rate is CHF 50 and can be changed at any time in the roaming cockpit. If the monthly limit is reached, calls and SMS abroad are automatically blocked and customers are informed accordingly via SMS. If the limit is adjusted in the cockpit, the services can still be used. Roaming for calls and SMS can now also be completely blocked. These services are deactivated by default on ships and aircraft. In addition, incoming and outgoing calls abroad are now billed to the second.

Protection against unwanted advertising calls quickline roaming

A new advertising call filter effectively protects mobile and landline customers from calls from dubious call centers. The call filter automatically detects such calls and blocks them. The advertising call filter is switched on by default on both mobile and landline networks, so that customers automatically benefit from it.


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