One metro card to cover 260 cities in China

Image by Andy Leung from Pixabay

China’s nationwide public transit card, usable on both bus and subway routes, will cover 260 cities at the prefecture level and above this year, according to the Ministry of Transport. china metro card

That means a passenger holding one card can take buses or subways in any of the designated cities and enjoy local preferential policies, ensuring travel convenience.

The ministry has enabled 245 cities to join the public transit card system, with 15 more to join the network within the year.

Spokesperson Wu Chungeng said the ministry is set to launch 12 action plans aimed at improving people’s livelihoods this year, including six in the transportation service sector. It will also add 5,000 new villages that will have access to long-distance buses.

According to the plan, China will strive to achieve the interconnection of national urban and rural public transportation cards by 2020.

China metro card

Using the China Metro Card is simple: just tap the card on the reader when you enter and exit the metro or board a bus, and the fare will automatically be deducted from your card balance. The card can also be used to pay for taxi rides in some cities.

One of the main advantages of the China Metro Card is that it eliminates the need to carry cash or change for public transportation, making it a convenient and hassle-free option for travelers and residents alike. The card can also be reloaded with additional funds as needed, making it a versatile and long-lasting option for those who rely on public transportation.

Overall, the China Metro Card is a useful and convenient tool for anyone who frequently uses public transportation in China. With its wide availability and ease of use, it’s no wonder that it has become such a popular option among travelers and residents alike.



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