O2 Czechia now offers Covid-19 risk coverage with mobile travel insurance

Smart travel insurance is automatically switched on when you log in to a foreign network and is switched off when you return to the Czech Republic, all you need is a mobile phone and a flat rate from O2

O2 customers can also use the Smart Travel Insurance service this year. In times of uncertain departures under the threat of forced quarantine, it brings benefits in the form of smart solutions associated with roaming. It is activated automatically by logging in to a foreign network, switches off when returning to the Czech Republic, and at an attractive price already basically covers the risks associated with Covid-19. O2 Czechia travel insurance

Before the start of the holidays, the O2 operator launched an updated offer of Smart Travel Insurance on mobile phones, which reflects the demands of today and also offers coverage of risks associated with Covid-19. After a simple one-time order in the My O2 online self-service, on the customer line or at any O2 store, Smart Travel Insurance is automatically activated every time the phone logs on to a foreign network.

When you return to the Czech Republic and log in to your home network, it will automatically turn off again. Therefore, customers do not have to solve problems with travel insurance if their vacation is extended or, on the contrary, they will not be able to leave at all.

“The travel insurance fee is simply charged to customers as part of O2’s monthly bill based on real time spent across borders. They don’t have to enter their credit card number or list their holiday details anywhere.says Michael Kasl, O2 Financial Services Product Manager, adding: “This summer, Smart Travel Insurance also covers the risks associated with Covid-19, both medical expenses and the costs of forced quarantine. For all countries, where the O2 operator offers roaming services, Smart Travel Insurance is available for a fee of CZK 39 per day started for individuals and CZK 99 per day started for the whole family. “


Coverage of risks associated with Covid-19 even in high-risk areas O2 Czechia travel insurance

Whether for work or for recreation, a trip abroad today brings worries associated with the current situation in the world. “O2’s smart travel insurance also covers the risks associated with Covid-19, essentially without additional insurance, even in red and dark red countries.” said Richard Siebenstich, Director of O2’s Commercial Division.


One price to all countries, above-standard insurance coverage

This year’s Smart Travel Insurance offer includes a single price for individuals and families in all countries where O2 has a roaming partner. Insurance coverage is up to CZK 5,000,000. The insurer is Maxima pojišťovna, as in cooperation with the assistance service AXA ASSISTANCE CZ, sro, the policyholder is O2 Czech Republic as More information can be found at www.o2.cz/cestovni-pojisteni . O2 Czechia travel insurance

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