MTS, Megafon in dispute with watchdog on on-net roaming rates

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) filed two administrative cases against MTS operators and MegaFon, the agency reports

The department believes that the companies did not comply with the requirement to cancel intranetwork roaming. The operators themselves expressed bewilderment of the decision of the FAS, explaining that the disputed tariffs have already been corrected.

Based on the results of tariff verification, FAS found that the cost of incoming and outgoing calls in intranet roaming is overstated. In addition, operators have introduced a daily fee for subscribers outside the home region. If, following the results of consideration of cases, the department reveals violations of the antimonopoly legislation, the operators may be obliged to transfer to the budget the revenues received as a result of the violation.

In the second half of January, the antimonopoly service already sent an explanation to MTS about the inadmissibility of worsening the situation of consumers of communication services and the absence of economic reasons for this. FAS found that the operator began to charge a fee of 15 rubles per day, if the subscriber has left the home region – on the tariff plans, which before this fee was not provided. In addition, MTS introduced, according to the FAS, an unreasonably high fee for incoming calls from the home region to other regions.

FAS ordered operators to implement a warning before December 15, that is, in effect, to refuse intranetwork roaming. The operators then said that they needed to change hundreds of tariffs, which would take at least six months.

As a result, the agency postponed the deadline for execution of the order until the end of January 2018 for MegaFon, VimpelCom and MTS; until the end of May this year – for Tele2.


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