Mint Mobile Holidays Offer: unlimited talk to the US, Mexico and Canada, 5GB for $20

Lowest Priced Wireless Company Offers 3-Months of Service for Just $20

With holiday spending expected to be an average of $819 this season, as well as the high cost of the average cell phone bill at $80 per month, Mint Mobile launches new offer.

Starting November 22, customers can visit to get 3-months of carrier-grade wireless service for just $20 (regular price $60), which includes unlimited talk to the US, Mexico and Canada, unlimited text and 5GB of 4G LTE data per month.

The deal is also extended to those who download and order in Mint Mobile’s app. Mint Mobile’s website and consumer-friendly app empowers even the most technology-timid person to save stacks of cash, while still keeping their own phone and phone number.

Here’s how customers make it happen:

  • After ordering online or through the app, the Mint Mobile team sends customers a small SIM Card and an activation code
  • Customers simply take their existing unlocked phone (meaning the phone is not locked into a carrier’s contract), pop out the SIM Card (using an easy-to-follow photo guide), insert the new Mint Mobile SIM Card and type in the activation code
  • Customers continue to experience carrier-grade service, with zero lapse in coverage, and enjoy the extra cash in their pocket

We’re the perfect wireless carrier for anyone who hates overpaying for wireless service and knows how to make a purchase on the web,” said Aron North, SVP of Marketing and Creative. “Our direct-to-consumer business model is inspired by brands like Dollar Shave Club and Casper, and in that spirit, we have taken the same approach, marrying premium wireless service with insanely good customer service, and the absolute best price in the industry. Mint Mobile is an easy way to save thousands of dollars a year, without lapse in quality or coverage of cell service.”


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