OnePlus introduced OnePlus Roaming

'OnePlus Roaming' makes it easy to buy roaming data on the go

New beta for OnePlus6 brings some fixes and improvements to telephony and other communications, plus some extra launcher options. But the highlights in this update are what OnePlus calls OnePlus Roaming and Video Enhancer.

Dubbed ‘OnePlus Roaming,’ users will be able to select a data-only plan from the settings menu in their phone. OnePlus says it should work in most countries and regions. Users on the beta can navigate to ‘Wi-Fi & Internet’ in the settings menu, and then tap ‘OnePlus Roaming.’


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Then users can select one of the data plan options and purchase it. Then users will have access to roaming internet in that country. On top of this, Open Beta 7 brings OnePlus 6 users ‘Video Enhancer.’

This mode enhances colours when watching videos, making them look better.


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