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Lebara discounts Swiss L, XXL tariffs

Sunrise’s brand Lebara recently introduced the three new cell phone subscriptions Next, Swiss L and XXL. The new subscriptions complement the previous portfolio, the previous mobile phone subscriptions are still available.

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With the introduction, a campaign was started immediately. For new contracts by March 10, 2021, the “Swiss L” costs CHF 29 instead of 69 and the “XXL” CHF 39 instead of 99. These promotional prices are valid as long as the subscription is kept. lebara tariffs

The company is offering a 57 percent permanent discount on the Swiss L tariff, which provides unlimited calls in Switzerland, unlimited high-speed internet on the mobile network of Sunrise and 10 GB roaming in the EU along with unlimited texts and MMS. This cuts the price to CHF 29 per month from CHF 69 monthly.

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The XXL plan offers unlimited calls in Switzerland and in Europe, unlimited high-speed internet on the mobile network of Sunrise, unlimited roaming in Europe, US and Canada and unlimited texts and MMS. The price has been discounted by 60 percent to CHF 39 per month from CHF 99 per month.

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Lebara price transparency when abroad lebara tariffs

Whenever you are abroad, operator will send you an info SMS with the rates applicable in the country of stay. You can switch the receipt of roaming info SMS on or off at any time in the Lebara Roaming Cockpit or with the key combination *135# and call key.

Cost control for data usage abroad is activated by default for existing postpaid customers with a monthly cost limit of CHF 100. The limit can be switched off in the Lebara Roaming Cockpit. When 50% and 100% of the set limit is reached, an SMS message is sent for the purpose of cost control. Once the cost limit has been reached, no further data can be used at the standard rate. However, roaming data options can still be booked.

For new postpaid customers, data roaming at the standard tariff will be blocked as of 10.07.2021. Data usage abroad without included data or data option is not possible. The limit can be switched off in the Lebara Roaming Cockpit. A standard limit of CHF 100 applies for the time being.

The roaming cost limit includes the roaming data costs incurred in a calendar month without the charges for roaming data options. Under certain circumstances and depending on the country in which surfing is taking place, there may be a delay between the generated roaming volume and the sending of the warning SMS or the blocking of data traffic.

Lebara uses the 4G+ network from Sunrise. The maximum speed for data connections within Switzerland is 300 Mbit/s for downloads and 150 Mbit/s for uploads.

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