Lao Telecom and 10T Tech Launch Laos Consumer eSIM Service

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10T Tech Limited, an eSIM Solutions Company based in Hong Kong, and Lao Telecommunication Public Company, Lao PDR’s largest mobile carrier with a market share of 50%, are proud to announce the launch earlier this year of Lao Telecom’s digital eSIM activation service using 10T Tech’s GSMA Consumer eSIM Cloud Solution.

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This advanced Mobile Telecoms service allows Lao smartphone owners with the latest Apple iPhones and iPads and Google Pixel 3a and 4 devices to sign up for Lao Telecom’s pre and post-paid Mobile Plans by visiting their local service center to download and activate the eSIM Profile. As the leading telecoms company in Laos, the first to launch 4G services in SE Asia, and second in the region to launch 4.5G services, Lao Telecom is also proud to be the first mobile carrier in Laos to include an eSIM QR code in the packing of an all-new iPhone 11 and 11Pros sold by Laos’ largest Apple distributor.

eSIMs or embedded SIMs are a key component of cellular-powered Internet of Things (IoT) networks, enabling devices to have out-of-the-box network connectivity without having to purchase a physical SIM card separately. Users can simply turn on their devices and download the mobile plan of their choosing.

Commenting during the launch, Souphol Chanthavixay, Deputy Director General (Technical) Lao Telecom noted, “At the moment only selected phones support eSIM in addition to a physical SIM card, but eventually all phones will only have eSIM.”

He added, “The planned Digital Sign up experience is in line with Lao Telecom’s continual efforts to be the most innovative mobile carrier in Laos, constantly striving to offer its current and new customers the best service and most innovative features.”

Founded in 2017, 10T Tech offers the world’s first Zero Entry Fee access to Consumer eSIM Solution and is aimed at Global Tier 2, 3 and MVNO carriers.

Lao Telecom, established in 1996, is a joint venture between the Government of Lao (51%) and Shenington Investment Pte. (49%).

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