Alertify International roaming SIM card

One SIM card: 130+ countries. Reusable. No expiration

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As the wireless Internet access approaches and operators are gradually diversified and fragmented,
Alertify provides global users with personalized services of outbound Internet solutions, thus helping users enjoy lowest, safe and reliable Internet experience anywhere anytime.



With just one roaming SIM card, ALERTIFY SIM card, you can enjoy local 3g/4G data service in more than 130 countries.

Alertify international roaming SIM card provides inexpensive, fast and secure mobile internet service globally and enables customer travel around the world and stay connected with one SIM only. Users can directly switch mobile operators in every country/region with only ONE travel SIM card, which greatly improves user experiences and reduce roaming charges.

Alertify international SIM card is reusable: Simply choose data package here before travelling to destination and you will have mobile data service readily to be used in 130 over countries. This time it may be for US, next time for Africa or Montenegro.

Some of the cards:

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

500 MB/DAY for 5 DAYS

€ 10.99


Saudi Arabia

500 MB/DAY for 5 DAYS

€ 11.99



500 MB/DAY for 5 DAYS

€ 13.99


500 MB/DAY for 5 DAYS

€ 8.58

Possible data packages are: 300, 500 MB or 1 or 2 GB per day. More here.

You can choose any particular country from 130+ countries or region or even global SIM card.

Some of the packages are: Balkan SIM card includes: Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, SLovenia, Turkey and Greece; Eastern Europe SIM card includes: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus, Middle East SIM cards etc.

International Call

Voice-over-IP call to over 225 countries and regions. Incoming and outgoing calls with original number, crystal clear voice quality, flat rates.

Enable hassle free outbound travel experience with Alertify international sim card: no more expensive roaming charges and wasting time looking for places to buy local SIM cards in overseas.

Alertify Corporate Programs are offered to corporate customers that suit their frequent business travel needs without paying hefty roaming bills. Please contact us for more details.

Save up to 80% on calls and data while touring abroad. Always stay connected wherever you are.


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