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KPN delivers connectivity for e-bike insurance plan

E-bike seller Stella is introducing a new ‘Carefree Cycling’ service plan for customers. Dutch operator KPN provides the connectivity for the service to help trace the bike in the event it is damaged or stolen. connectivity for e-bike

The ‘Zorgeloos Fietsen’ package was developed with insurer Axa and the travel group ANWB, which provide respectively a GPS module and theft insurance.

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E-bikes with a GPS module are always traceable, something that figures show to be effective. More than eighty percent* of connected e-bikes are found again, thanks to the built-in chip. Stichting Aanpak Fiets- en E-bikediefstal (S.A.F.E.), which dedicates itself to reducing bike theft, is very pleased with the initiative. “This will enable us to thwart the rise in crime in this area,” says Guus Wesselink, chairman of S.A.F.E. “It is a fact that e-bikes with GPS protection are stolen less often and are almost always found again.” connectivity for e-bike

Maurice Janssen Duijghuijsen, director of KPN IoT sales backs this up. “We are seeing that an increasing number of companies regard making their products or services ‘connected’ as a good way of giving their customers added value. We are proud that thanks to our connectivity we are a vital part of Stella’s connected e-bike. All Stella e-bikes can henceforth count on the reliable and secure connection of KPN, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere.”

Stella endorses this. “The internet coupling provides a host of benefits in the field of safety and cycling enjoyment. The customer doesn’t have to worry about things like theft and breakdown assistance,” says Stella spokesman Johan Makaske. “The connectivity ensures that we are permanently connected with our customers.”

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