Iliad Italia unveils new plan with 120GB of 5G data for €9.99

Iliad Italia has again refreshed its mobile portfolio to celebrate the third anniversary of its launch, this time replacing its Giga 50 and Giga 100 plans with two new rates offering 80GB and 120GB of data for €7.99 and €9.99 a month respectively. 5g iliad
The new ‘Iliad Flash 120’ plan includes 120GB of data at maximum possible speeds of up to 5G plus unlimited calls and SMS in Italy for EUR 9.99 a month.


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5G where available / accessible from the device and 4G / 4G +
Over 120GB, with express consent, continue browsing for € 0.90 / 100MB



Unlimited minutes and SMS + 6GB dedicated roaming Europe
Discover the countries included


Towards fixed and mobile
in Italy



Unlimited minutes to international landlines and mobile (over 60 destinations, to landlines
in Europe and landlines and mobile in USA,


Call me back
No connection fee 
Tariff plan 
Residual credit check 
Voice mail 
Number portability

The 5G Iliad

5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone networks, which improves performance in speed and responsiveness thanks to management intelligence. 5G gives the mobile network the ability to adapt to the needs of users and the uses they make of the connection, thus strengthening economic and ecological efficiency.
With 5G it is possible to reach download speeds of up to 855 Mbps.
The advantages of 5G are also sensitive from an environmental point of view, as it is an eco-efficient technology that can guarantee a greater flow of mobile data in circulation with lower energy consumption. . 5G is the first technology that uses so-called eco-designed mobile equipmentgreen by design , that is to say that they integrate energy issues already in the design phase.

5g iliad

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