How smartphones influence the entire travel

Mobile phone usage is growing quickly, both for bookings and doing travel itself

With modern technology and smartphones, business travel has become even more convenient for everyone.

Smartphone usage continues to grow at an astounding rate as fast mobile Internet access transforms nearly all facets of life. The boundaries on when, where or how we access information or services no longer stand as a limitation.

Last year Google conducted study with PhocusWright and they uncovered global insights on smartphones usage in the span of travelers’ entire journey, from shopping to booking, to the ways they use mobile devices in-destination. Here’s what they found.


Image source: Google / PhocusWright

The survey revealed that business travellers are increasingly turning to mobile services in order to support their travel needs. Moreover the new always connected traveller demands a more sophisticated and personalised mobile travel service, able to deliver both a personal and a seamless end-to-end travel experience.

When asked which types of device travellers normally take whilst on a business trip, the majority of respondents indicated they carried a smartphone (90%) and/or a laptop (83%), with just over half of travellers bringing a tablet. These results prove that mobile devices are an irreplaceable companion at every stage of the travel experience and that to meet traveller’s expectations travel companies must deliver their services via mobile.

When asked about the use of mobile travel services, an overwhelming majority of respondents indicated that they used both mobile apps and websites for their travel.

These included airline apps, hotel apps, travel advisory apps and TMCs apps; regardless of the specific corporate policy relating to these apps or whether the app was provided by their TMC. Travellers seem unlikely to abandon a do-it-yourself approach as they know a wide range of valuable and efficient services and tools are available to them.


Smartphones and travel

Today, roughly three-quarters of Americans (or 77%) now own a smartphone, according to a Pew Research Center study conducted November 2016.

Over 70% of travelers in the U.S. always use their mobile phones while traveling.


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