Free Mobile adds new countries to roaming data offer

French operator Free Mobile has announced the inclusion of Brazil, Ukraine, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man in the list of international destinations covered by the roaming data offer included as part of its EUR 19.99 postpaid mobile plan (priced EUR 15.99 for Free broadband subscribers).
This is the first time that an operator has included data roaming from Brazil and Ukraine in a mass consumer, no-commitment mobile plan costing less than €20/month.
With the Free Mobile Plan, subscribers can enjoy an increasingly comprehensive service. Today, the plan includes data roaming (25GB/month in 3G) in more than 50 different destinations.
The offer is available automatically as of today for both existing and new subscribers.
Beyond 25GB/month in 3G: €7.50/MB from Brazil, €0.057/MB from Jersey, Guernsey and
Isle of Man, €4.95/MB from Ukraine; applicable rates from other countries (see rates and list
Freebox subscribers price applicable for up to 4 Free Mobile Plan subscriptions. Offer
subject to conditions, valid in Metropolitan France subject to network coverage and a
compatible mobile phone. Reserved for subscribers residing in Metropolitan France or who
can evidence a stable link with Metropolitan France, subject to fair usage policy.
SIM price: €10
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