Free Mobile extends roaming data offer to Thailand

French operator Free Mobile has added Thailand to the list of countries included in the roaming data offer available as part of its EUR 19.99 postpaid mobile plan (priced EUR 15.99 for Free broadband customers).
People travelling to Thailand can stay connected and not worry about coming home to an unpleasant bill!
The Free Mobile Plan includes all year-round roaming communications from more than 35 countries: unlimited calls, texts and MMS from Europe, the French overseas departments, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Israel (to those same countries) and 25GB/month of 3G data roaming from Mexico, Switzerland, Turkey, Algeria and now Thailand too.


Here are some of the benefits of Free Mobile’s roaming data plan with 25 GB:

  1. Roaming data in the EU: Free Mobile’s plan with 25 GB includes unlimited data usage in the European Union (EU) and the French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM/TOM).
  2. Roaming data outside the EU: Free Mobile’s plan with 25 GB also includes 25 GB of data usage in countries outside the EU and DOM/TOM. Once you reach the 25 GB limit, you can still use data, but at a reduced speed.
  3. Calls and texts: Free Mobile’s plan with 25 GB also includes unlimited calls and texts to numbers in France and the EU, as well as to the DOM/TOM.
  4. Hotspot: You can use your phone as a hotspot to share your mobile internet connection with other devices.
  5. No commitment: Free Mobile’s roaming data plan with 25 GB does not require a long-term commitment, which means you can cancel or modify your plan at any time.

Overall, Free Mobile’s roaming data plan with 25 GB offers a great value for travelers who need to stay connected while traveling in the EU and outside of the EU. It includes generous data usage, unlimited calls and texts, and the flexibility to use your phone as a hotspot.


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