Macedonia’s Vip kicks off summer roaming promotion

Macedonian operator Vip introduced a promotional offer for the Vip Roam Surf packages.
With the activation of the Vip Roam Surf XL package, users receive a promotional 2 GB for internet roaming for MKD 499.
Additionally, all new Vip Neo L and Vip Neo XL tariff customers receive 2 GB of roaming internet until the end of September at no additional cost.
The promotional offers are valid in 23 countries in Europe, including Italy, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Albania and Turkey.
In order to enjoy the benefits of using the Internet in the most favorable conditions while staying abroad, all postpaid mobile users can use the Vip roaming packages with which unwanted expenses become a thing of the past, because once the internet included in the package is used, access to the Internet will automatically be terminated. In order for the user to continue to use the Internet in roaming, it can activate an additional roaming package.
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