Finland and Taiwan are still countries with highest mobile data usage

The countries with the lowest data usage are Greece, Belgium, Mexico, Germany and Portugal

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

The average Finnish SIM card carried 15.3 GB of data per month in the first half of 2018. 59% of the Finnish SIMs had unlimited data volume in December 2018. mobile data usage

The average Taiwanese SIM carried 14.3 GB per month.

Unlimited is behind Taiwan’s usage development as well, but it’s not known how large share of the base that have it. The Taiwanese operators – there are five MNOs – have tried to cool off the market by attempting to move the unlimited price points upwards while discontinuing unlimited for customers that have run out of binding, but the discipline doesn’t seem to be there as the usage grew quicker than in Finland in 2018.

Latvia moves up as the new bronze medallist. The country took a quantum leap in 2018 thanks to a 16% expansion in the number of data-only subscriptions. These most often come with an unlimited data volume.
It’s interesting that this happens in the country that is the European leader in FTTH/B penetration.

Latvia’s growth has moved Bahrain into fourth place and Austria into fifth.

The countries with the lowest data usage are Greece, Belgium, Mexico, Germany and Portugal.

Maturing markets – China, India and Mexico – overtook mature markets in
average mobile data usage in 2018. China overtook – among others – France, Sweden and the UK. India overtook markets like Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Spain and the UK. Mexico overtook Belgium and Germany.
Greece remain the country with the lowest average data usage – the only remaining country (of our 39) that hasn’t yet passed the 1 GB per SIM per month bar. mobile data usage

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