Epic to revise international call, SMS charges

Cypriot operator Epic said it will revise international call charges for mobile telephony services for all epic subscribers whether individuals and professionals.


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As of the 1st August 2020, mobile telephony charges to international destinations will be amended for all epic subscribers (residential and business). The current charges are currently posted at www.epic.com.cy/en/page/rJRbz4TT/mobile-international-rates

Click here to see the upcoming revised International Call charges.

In addition, SMS charges towards all international destinations for epic Pay Monthly Mobile Telephony customers will be amended as follows: ​

Current Rate Rate effective as of August 1st 2020
SMS (to all international destinations) €0.050/SMS €0.060/SMS
(1) All rates include VAT 19%.
(2) The new rates will be published on epic’s website at www.epic.com.cy on the Effective Date.
(3) In case a Subscriber does not accept any of the above amendments, he/she has the right to terminate the Agreement without any penalty (except from any remaining instalments for the purchase of any terminal equipment, which immediately become payable, in case of termination), within thirty (30) days from the date of the present announcement, by notifying epic in writing stating that the reason of termination is the non-acceptance of the amendments.


Epic’s mobile network won the first place and has been awarded with the “Best Mobile Network in Test” certification based on comparative network measurements conducted by the global independent testing company umlaut (formerly known as P3).

Epic is accredited as the “Best Mobile Network in Test” in Cyprus according to umlaut, an independent German firm with global footprint providing services and solutions to the telecommunication industry for more than two decades in network measurements and testing. The “Best Mobile Network in Test” award was given to Epic following extensive assessment and evaluation of Cyprus’ mobile network landscape for a period of 24 weeks (November 4th, 2019 to April 19th, 2020), through an independent study that was done using crowd sourced data.

umlaut’s crowd data provide insights on consumer experience worldwide. Their assessments of mobile networks’ performance in over 120 countries are widely recognised as the de facto industry standard.

umlauts benchmark methodology is focusing on user experience in every network. The results of the independent benchmarks are utilized from numerous major telecoms companies around the world such as Vodafone Group, Deutsche Telecom / T-Mobile (Group), Swisscom (Switzerland), Verizon (USA), EE (UK), and others to steadily improve the quality services in their network.

Epic is ranked number one mobile network in Cyprus according to the overall score received, with 861 points (escalating from 1 to 1000). Specifically, the “Best Mobile Network in Test” award is based on umlaut’s exhaustive experience in the field of network-testing of mobile networks, which verifies and certifies their performance. This is being achieved by means of independent measurements of the performance of the networks. Epic’s mobile network ranked first against the main competitors in the Cyprus market and received the top ranking in:

• Coverage Excellence – 4G Broadband focus, which is a comparative KPI rewarding wide and deep broadband offering, based on urban, sub-urban and rest of areas segments.
• Time on Broadband – based on end user experience having 4G device and plan. The category is rewarding individual good broadband offering through users’ “Time on 4G”
• Fastest Speeds supporting HD (requiring 5Mbps and above). This category is rewarding how often users achieve speeds supporting popular services that require 5Mbps and above.
•  Ultra-Fastest Speeds supporting UHD Video (requiring 20 Mbps and above). This category is rewarding how often users achieve speeds supporting popular services that require 20Mbps and above.
•  Best OTT Voice Class (requiring latency of 100ms or less). This category is rewarding individual good performance in using over-the-top voice services, such as voice calls via Skype, WhatsApp and Viber.

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