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Enea Launches Industry’s First Complete Wi-Fi SaaS For Telecom Operators

Enea announced the launch of the industry’s first complete Wi-Fi Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service management solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to launch and monetize Wi-Fi services. The Enea Aptilo Wi-Fi Service Management Platform as a Service (SMP-S) is hosted as a dedicated instance per customer at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Each CSP has a self-contained, secure service that also can be deployed as a hybrid service to enhance existing Wi-Fi service management software. enea aptilo wifi

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One of Europe’s leading mobile operators has already deployed the solution to securely authenticate users through their SIM card credentials. This tier 1 operator joins a growing list of more than 100 service providers who have deployed the Enea Aptilo SMP. The new SMP-S incorporates all the features from the SMP, including multi-tenancy business-to-business (B2B) support so CSPs can sell Managed Wi-Fi services to organizations such as venue owners and enterprises. Organizations can choose from a variety of login methods to onboard visitors to their Wi-Fi service, including social media accounts, Office 365, surveys, and online payments. They can also monetize valuable insights gained from users by providing GDPR-compliant targeted advertising.

Security is another critical aspect of Wi-Fi, and Enea provides a unique combination of security and connectivity. CSPs can add an extra secure Wi-Fi SSID (802.1x) at every access point and combine this with mobile core integration and SIM authentication for robust security. This enables CSPs to offload subscribers securely and seamlessly to Wi-Fi and boost indoor coverage while freeing up much-needed additional capacity.

Enea’s solution allows CSPs to scale at their own pace with a pay-as-you-grow model to expand their Wi-Fi service footprint and deliver more coverage. As the network grows, CSPs can pick and choose functions that complement their existing solution so that they do not need to perform a costly replacement of their entire system. CSPs can now add new enhanced Wi-Fi service management functions over legacy services from the cloud for the first time.

Roland Steiner, Senior Vice President for Telecoms at Enea, commented: “Moving forward with legacy or homegrown systems in 2022 can feel expensive and problematic. That’s why we’re seeing more and more CSPs move their operations into public cloud solutions, leveraging the innovation and functionality growth shared by many. With our expertise in virtualization and security, CSPs can now use the cloud to monetize Wi-Fi safely using the new Wi-Fi SMP as a service (SMP-S)”

Sue Rudd, Director of Networks and Service Platforms at Strategy Analytics, said of the launch: “Wi-Fi service management ‘in the Cloud’ should immediately accelerate CSPs’ ability to launch new functionality and add services alongside existing systems to secure new revenues. Enea’s Wi-Fi service management offers multi-tenant B2B customer self-management while ensuring the correct handling of consent and use of personal data. These capabilities now make it far easier to monetize Wi-Fi and create valuable experiences for subscribers. Carrier Wi-Fi SaaS is a game-changer for CSPs and their business customers.” enea aptilo wifi


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