Chile and Peru begin talk on abolishing roaming

Pamela Gidi, head of Chilean telecoms regulator Subtel, will begin talks next week with Peruvian counterparts about abolishing roaming between those two countries.

Earlier this month Gidi met with Silvana Myriam Giudici, the newly-appointed president of Argentina’s communications regulator Enacom, to give the final go ahead to abolish roaming between Chile and Argentina.
The Chilean chamber of deputies has also approved a draft resolution asking the government to take the necessary steps to eliminate roaming charges.

“With the Argentine authorities we agreed that in 2019 we would eliminate the roaming charges between both countries. To achieve this goal, we need the work, the opinion, and the proposals of all companies in the sector, so that we can achieve this process to bring benefits for all citizens of Chile and Argentina, and companies in the sector, “said Undersecretary Gidi .

The authority also said that next week, will be an official visit to Peru, to meet and talk with local telecommunications authorities in order to move closer positions to advance the elimination of roaming between the two countries.

At the meeting, the representatives of the mobile telephone companies expressed their opinion regarding this agreement, and the main aspects to consider in order to achieve a successful process of roaming elimination. However, they will consolidate all their observations in documents that must be submitted to Subtel on June 12 of this year, and in which they must include proposals for the process.

For its part, the legal and regulatory director of Claro Chile, Cristián Salgado, said that “in the case of the efforts of the Chilean and Argentine governments to apply the end to roaming, we are certainly available to collaborate on those policies that enhance the service to the users, delivering our experience with “Roaming Without Borders” and participating actively in everything that is required of us “.

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