Belgrade to get 50 smart phone booths

Belgrade Science and Technology Park held the presentation of the project of smart telephone booths, which includes the replacement of 100 booths in central city municipalities

Serbia‘s capital Belgrade will get a network of “smart” telephone booths, as part of a partnership between Telekom Srbija and Strawberry Energy, which is a pioneer in the development of smart city solutions, reports Tanjug news agency. belgrade smart phone booths
The project includes the replacement of 100 payphones in the city centre.  belgrade smart phone booths

Belgrade smart phone booths

On that occasion, the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic emphasised that Belgrade is becoming one of the three cities, after New York and London, to have such digital telephone booths.

She reminded that Serbia, according to the OECD analysis, is among the five countries in the world in terms of the number of innovative solutions that were launched during the crisis, and which were intended to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Brnabic also assessed that companies such as Strawberry Energy represent the real ambassadors of Serbia and its economy in the world.

Director of that company Milos Milisavljevic explained that the smartphone booth is a modern, multifunctional device that, in addition to phone calls, offers free internet, SOS call, charging of mobile devices, etc.

He added that the smart speakers on the interactive touch screen will also provide information about the city’s services, the city map, public transport lines, the tourist and cultural offer of the city.

Serbian mobile subscriber base drops to 8.36 mln in Q1 smart phone booths


There were 8.36 million active mobile telephony users in Serbia at the end of the first quarter of 2020, down from 8.45 million the previous quarter, according to data published by regulator Ratel. Of the total, 5.03 million were postpaid (73.53%) and 3.33 million prepaid users (26.47%). Telekom Srbija led with a market share of 44.3 percent, ahead of Telenor (31.2%), Vip mobile (24.0%) and Globaltel (0.5%). belgrade smart phone booths

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