Angola approves national mobile roaming regulation

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Angola‘s Council of Ministers approved the National Roaming Regulation. This is expected to support the expansion of mobile coverage without networks, especially in rural areas, according to the Minister of Telecommunications Information and Communication Technologies, Manuel Homem. angola roaming
Also, operators will be able to share mobile infrastructure, under agreements to be established between the parties.

Manuel Homem stressed that the approval of the proposal for the regulation for the implementation of National Roaming stems from the need to implement greater efficiency in the use of telecommunications services in the country.

He said that it will allow operators that have the use of the mobile license infrastructure to, within the scope of an agreement to be established between the parties, ensure that a given user can make use of the telecommunications infrastructure where he does not operate. your user.

“This will allow, first, a greater expansion of national broadband and also facilitate that we, as users of the mobile telecommunications service, can have greater availability of access to the service”, he stressed.

The measure, he clarified, results from a continuous process that has been implemented in the telecommunications sector, with the aim of creating a greater quality of service and also allowing new operators, within this agreement, to quickly enter the market and allow a higher quality of service in the country. angola roaming

It will also boost the development of the sector, with the use of new services and next-generation networks, foster the provision of quality electronic communications services and protect the environment and public safety of the areas where the infrastructures will be implemented. electronic communications.


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