Altel launches data roaming packs with summer bonus

Altel Kazakhstan mobile operator has launched a new line of data roaming packages.

The lowest package includes a 50 MB data bundle for KZT 490, and the next package contains 100 MB traffic for KZT 890.

The package including 500 MB costs KZT 2,990, and the price of the package containing a 1,024 MB data traffic is KZT 4,590.

In March 2016, ALTEL merged business with Tele2 Kazakhstan, bringing the subscriber base to 6.4 million people, increasing the number of base stations to 7,000, thereby providing the widest coverage of the 4G network throughout Kazakhstan.

The service of high-speed Internet of the united operator covers almost 680 settlements with a total population of more than 11 million people, and covers more than 65% of the country’s territory.

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