4ka breaks record for international data roaming traffic

In April 2019, customers of the Slovak mobile operator 4ka beat the previous record for data consumption in international roaming, set in August 2018, despite the fact that April was not a holiday month

Since the beginning of the year from month to month, the amount of data transferred in European countries has been increasing. Although the number of international roaming customers increased by 23 percent, the number of data transferred increased fivefold. Customers seem to have ceased to be afraid to give data, and thanks to the same prices at home and in the EU, they enjoy a data period across the Union, ”said Patrik Kollaroci, technical director.  4ka international

As the first Slovak operator, even before the introduction of European regulation, it brought the same unit prices across the EU. Quads can also use data from their new FREEDOM and GIGA data packages in the Union. Making the 4G / LTE network of roaming partners in most EU countries in the spring of this year also contributed to greater comfort in EU data.

The Czech Republic is traditionally the country where the Quads currently rank most, followed by Germany, Austria, Hungary and the United Kingdom. Countries like Croatia are coming to the forefront during the holiday months.

In a few days we will decide the future of the Union in the European Parliament elections. Finally, whether we will continue to enjoy the benefits of the community, such as the freedom to give a free message across the EU. Historical customer data consumption peaks show that Quads are choosing data in the EU, ”says Roland Kyška, Director of Marketing and Communications 4ky.

Technical Director Patrik Kollaroci claims that today the operator is preparing for the upcoming summer holiday season to further improve international roaming services for customers and bring fast 4G / LTE data in other foreign countries. 4ka international

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