3 Denmark launched eSIMs offering for new iPhones

3 Denmark said it has started providing eSIMs for the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, meaning that customers can have both their work number and personal number running on the same handset.
The eSIM costs DKK 100 as a replacement for a traditional SIM but comes free with new phones. Phones need to be running on iOS 12.1.1 to support the tiny, permanent eSIM card.


eSIM is a small chip that is permanently installed on the phone. It means that you can combine an eSIM card with a classic SIM card, as we know today, and thus have two active phone numbers on your mobile.

So you do not have to go around with a stack of mobiles on you, for example, you can have your work and private number in the same mobile.

With an eSIM you also avoid the inconvenience of inserting the small SIM cards into your mobile and no longer need to bend around with pairing clips and more to change SIM cards.

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