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3 Denmark esim

3 Denmark launched eSIM offer for new iPhones

3 Denmark said it has started providing eSIMs for the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, meaning that customers can have both their work number and personal number running on the same handset. Find out more about 3 Denmark eSIM below. 3 Denmark esim
The eSIM costs DKK 100 as a replacement for a traditional SIM but comes free with new phones. Phones must be running on iOS 12.1.1 to support the tiny, permanent eSIM card.

What is an eSIM 3 Denmark esim

An eSIM is a small chip that is permanently installed in your mobile or smartwatch. This means that you can combine an eSIM card with a classic plastic SIM card as we know it today, and thus have two active phone numbers on your mobile – and receive calls and text messages on your watch.

SIM card e SIM shop

Then you do not have to walk around with a stack of mobiles on you, as you can have, for example, your work and private number in the same mobile. Or you can leave your mobile at home, go for a walk, go to the garden or whatever you feel like – and still receive calls on your smartwatch.

With an eSIM, you also avoid the hassle of inserting the small plastic SIM cards in your mobile and no longer have to back around with pair of paper clips and other things to change SIM cards. And you can be roaming worry free!

For your mobile

In  a mobile, you can combine an eSIM with a classic plastic SIM card that we know today, and thus have two active phone numbers on your mobile. For example, you can have both your work and private number on the same mobile.

For your smartwatch

If you combine your smartwatch with an eSIM, you can make  calls, check text messages and be online directly from the watch – without having your phone nearby.

How to order eSIM for your mobile

If you want to order an eSIM and are already a customer of 3, you can order it via My 3 under subscription. 3 Denmark esim

Who can use eSIM 3 Denmark esim

3 supports eSIM for all eSIM-compatible phones and tablets on the market, as well as eSIM-compatible Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy Watches and all other smartwatches that can be activated with eSIM via QR code.

How to activate eSIM on your mobile

Once you have received your e-SIM card, you must both activate the eSIM card and set it up on your mobile before you can use it.

    You can either activate your eSIM card on My 3 Self-Service or via key-yourself service.
    – How to activate e-SIM


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