Kogan Mobile adds international roaming option for $15 a day

Customers can pay $15 a day for 1GB of Data, 100 sms messages and 30 minutes call time to and from 11 countries.

The countries included in the roaming deal are China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and of course the US and UK.

Standard international voice calls can also be made to and received from Australia, but International Roaming Pack inclusions cannot be used within Australia.

You can only use an INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PACK if you are an existing Kogan Mobile customer with an active account and recharge. New Kogan Mobile Customers who activated a SIM will need to recharge with Kogan Mobile Recharge Products before purchasing an INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PACK.

International Roaming

Roaming packs can be added before you leave, or by SMSing the word ROAM to 12612 while overseas.  You can have up to five INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PACKS active simultaneously. The INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PACK with the earliest expiry will be consumed first.

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